Discipline, Spirit

Our Motto & Spirit
精 睿 博 诚释义
About Perfection, Wisdom, Scholarship, and Integrity 
Perfection: As pointed out in “Da Yi Jing Cheng” (“Virtues of a Great Physician”), perfection comes from professionalism. Constant improvement and persistence makes a great physician.
Wisdom: It’s noted in the “Book of History” that thinking is wisdom, which means being smart, farsighted, and astute. It also implies acuity, originality, and vision.
Scholarship: As explained in “Shuo Wen”, scholarship is mastery. It can be interpreted as universal love, drawing on others’ strengths, being a scholar, and being informed.
Integrity: As revealed in “Da Yi Jing Cheng”, integrity is virtue. Only with integrity and noble medical ethics can children be benefited.

Our Spirit: 团结进取 创新向上 超越自我
Unity and Progress
Innovation and Advancement
Better Yourself