Hospital Milestone

Application of establishment of HCH was approved in July, 1981.

Constructed in May.1984

Former Central Committee of the CCP General Secretary Yaobang Hu wrote the name of the hospital in 1986

Futang Zhu, a Chinese Pediatrics founder wrote an inscription with poem for celebration of the establishment of hospital in 1986

Formally opened in June, 1987

The academician Yamei Hu visited hospital in 1987

The academician Jinzhe Zhang visited hospital in 1988

The first monograph” pediatric emergency medicine” was published in 1992.

A drowning child with 13 min of respiratory and cardiac arrest was rescued successfully in 1991

Acquired the third grade first class hospital by the Ministry of Health in 1996

The establishment of hospital level highest award -- Zhao Xiangwen Award in 2001

"Dawn Action" — a charity project for congenital heart disease children was launched in March 2001

The first case of male quadruplet with 29 weeks gestational age and 1000 grams of birth weight were cured successfully in 2003.

We became the first medical institution award the CQC (China Quality Certification Center) ISO9001 / 14001 certification in May 2004.

Former vice-governor Lin Gan joined the opening ceremony of the provincial institution of pediatric research in June 2004

We started the summer camp for obesity children in August, 2004

New admission tower put into use in 2004

The pocket baby with the lowest birth weight in China was survival by our treatment in September, 2006.

The miracle that the first case in the world of the mermaid syndrome boy had survival for 38 days without kidneys was created in November, 2006.

22 Sichuan earthquake injured children had been cured here in July, 2008.

As the provincial HFMD treatment hospital, all HFMD patients have been saved in 2008.

With multidisciplinary cooperation, a thoracic and abdominal conjoined twins were separated successfully in April 2009.

Zhu Chen , Director-general of the Ministry of health, visited here in June 2010.

Pediatrics College of South China University was established in September 2010.

We awarded with "Chinese Song Qinglin Pediatric Medical Prize" in 2010.

The research project of “Pediatric Emergency Treatment Related Research and Generalization Application” is the first pediatric research project supported by National Science and Technology Ministry under “Twelfth Five-Year” planning in 2011