Project Description in 2016

Project Prescription of Training Course on Traditional Chinese Medicine Treatment of Woman and Child Diseases for Developing Countries in 2016

Project Prescription of Training Course on Traditional Chinese Medicine Treatment of Woman and Child Diseases for Developing Countries in 2016


Training Course on Traditional Chinese Medicine Treatment of Woman and Child Diseases for Developing Countries in 2016


Hunan Children’s Hospital


September 14th, 2016 to November 8th, 2016



Invited Countries

General physicians, pediatricians, Maternal and Child Health Care Staff, Traditional Chinese Medicine Physicians, etc..

Number of Participants

20 persons

Requirements for the Participants


Under 45 for officials at or under director’s level; under 50 for officials at director general’s level.


In good health with health certificate issued by the local public hospitals; without diseases with which entry to China is disallowed by China’s laws and regulations; without severe chronic diseases such as serious high blood pressure, cardiovascular/cerebrovascular diseases and diabetes; without metal diseases or epidemic diseases that are likely to cause serious threat to public health; not in the process of recovering after a major operation or in the process of acute diseases; not seriously disabled or pregnant


Capable of listening, speaking, reading and writing in English


Family members or friends shall not follow

Host City

Changsha Hunan

Local Temperature

Autumn, 25-35

Cities to visit

HunanZhang Jiajie, Liuyang Yueyang and Shaoshan

Local Temperature

Zhang Jiajie, 25-35


Liuyang, 25-35



Training for medical staff in the field of pediatrics and traditional Chinese Medicine

Contact of  the Organizer

Contact Person(s)

Ding Xiang/ Wang Li




0086-18774951426 (Ding

0086-13755103302 Wang






About the Organizer

Hunan Children’s Hospital was built in June 1st, 1987; it is located in the Ziyuan Road of Changsha. The hospital covers 82 acres, and it became the first tertiary A Class Comprehensive Pediatric Hospital. On January, 2013, Hunan Children’s Hospital passed JCI Accreditation.

The hospital has 1800 beds, 35 clinical departments, 8 medical technical divisions. Up to now, there are one national key discipline of pediatric critical and intensive care and 5 provincial key specialties including pediatric internal medicine, pediatric surgery, children's infectious diseases center, children's rehabilitation center and pediatric nursing. There are 4 important centers settled in the hospital including Hunan Children’s Emergency Center, Hunan Rehabilitation Center for the Children with Cerebral Paralysis, Hunan Adolescence Medical Center, the Hunan Prevention and Cure Center of Children's Strabismus and Amblyopia. Hunan Children’s Hospital is the center of Hunan Provincial Pediatric Medical Quality Control Center, Hunan Provincial Children’s Critical Disease Clinical Medical Technique Center, Provincial Pediatric Management Professional Committee, and Provincial Professional Emergency Treatment Committee 2005. The hospital successfully saved the first and the youngest 2 patients with High Pathogenic Human Avian in China in 2005, rescued the first mini premature with the birth weight of 500g in 2006, and made another miracle of zero mortality on the treatment of Hand Foot and Mouth Disease in 2008, and successfully separated two pair of Siamese twins in 2009 and 2011. The emergency medical technology level takes a leading position in China. In 2015, Hunan Children’s Hospital became the provincial designated hospital of “Tomorrow Plan” of Ministry of Civil Affairs of the People's Republic of China.

The hospital adheres to the scientific development view and established hospital academic award “Zhao Xiangwen Award” and “Zhao Xiangwen Million Education Scholarship.” In 2002, hospital established a national CAGCED “Clinical Pediatric Surgery”, and set up the Pediatric Medical Research Institution in 2004. The Hospital built the national post-doctoral scientific research Institute in 2007 and set up the pediatric college in 2009, it developed pediatric undergraduate education and trained full-time master. Hunan Children’s Hospital organized over 30 national continuous medical education items every year and won “Song Qingling” Pediatric Medical Award in 2010. In 2011, the Hospital won the national “Ten-Two-Five” Scientific Supporting Project.

Hunan Children’s Hospital focus on International Cooperation, as the only pediatric medical foreign aid training unit in China, it already undertook 27 foreign aid training courses and trained 845 participants from more than 60 countries. The hospital spent much effort on bring in overseas intelligent, and developed comprehensive cooperation that covered scientific research, technique and training. It established “Children’s Cancer Center” with Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, “Children’s Autism Research Center” with New York State Basic Research Institute, cooperates and develop the “ECMO Technique” with Boston Children’s Hospital, and signed the memorandum of cooperation with HradecKralove University Hospital of Czech Republic. The Hospital has organized 6 Neonatal and Pediatric Critical Care Forums, and 4 China-US (Xiaoxiang) International Symposiums of Pediatrics, it organized different international forums every year, and built a academic sharing platform.

Hunan Children’s Hospital has 42 clinical guiding hospitals, and 200 two-way referral hospitals. It won lots of national honors to enhance it core competitiveness such as national health system advanced group, the national medical health system advanced group, the national May 1st labor award, the national May 1st female workers pacesetter and pioneer.

Training Course Content

Sponsored by Ministry of Commerce of People’s Republic of China, Training Course on Traditional Chinese Medicine Treatment of Woman and Child Diseases for Developing Countries in 2016 will be held in Changsha during September 14th, 2016 to November 8th, 2016 by Hunan Children’s Hospital. The training course mainly includes the following arrangement: General review of China, Hunan Culture, Theory of Chinese Traditional Medicine, Origin of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine Treatment Methods, Traditional Chinese Medicine Massage, Main and Collateral Channels and etc.The way of combination of classroom lecturing and clinic attachment will applied to this training course and participants will have the chance to visit different departments in the hospital. During the training period, all the participants will be invited to visit Dept. of Health, Zhangjiajie and Shaoshan so as to broaden their knowledge about China and Hunan culture, and improve our friendship.

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