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Love Analysis to Hunan Children's Hospital

Love Analysis to Hunan Children's Hospital
H Hunan is Hunan                      美丽的湖南
U Unity is your hallmark            团结是你们的品质
N Noble is your staff                  高贵是你们的灵魂
A Always ready to assist with
N New technologies                 时刻准备着应用新技术
C China is a great nation         中国是一个伟大的国家
H Helping people everywhere 帮助来自世界各地的人们
I Indeed you are on the
L Leading roll                             事实上,中国已处于世界核心地位
D Desperate you are to
R Rescue the world                   你们奋不顾身的拯救世界
E Experienced people you are 你们是经验丰富的医务人员
N Never relent in your effort in
S Saving children everywhere   毫不吝惜自己的努力来拯救世界各国的儿童
H Hospitable you are                  中国人民热情友好
O Organizing training course worldwide to 组织国际性培训班
S Sensitize
P People                                         向全世界人民宣传自己的民族
I Internationally and                       国际水准
T Technlolgically in
A Advanced                                     先进技术

L Life saving skills                       为生命保驾护航

Interpretation: China is a great nation playing a leading role in the world. It is always ready to assist with new ideas and technologies and to help people everywhere. You are hospitable as you organize training courses worldwide to make people aware. Hunan is a place of greatness and beauty. Your hallmark is unity. Your staff is noble. You are experienced people. Never relent in your effort in saving children everywhere. Establishing internationally and technologically advanced children’s hospitals, you provide life saving skills for children everywhere.

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