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Medical Assistance to Cambodia: PhaseIIProjectof the "Neonatal Specialty Capacity Building Second Cycle Project"for Children Health Improvement

On Wednesday (Sep. 20),  the Phase II Project of"Cambodia Neonatal Specialty Capacity Building Second Cycle Project",supported by the National Health Commission of China,was grandly launched at the National Pediatric Hospital in Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia.

The launching ceremonyThis eventwasattendedcelebrated under bycounselor Zhong Jie in charge of economic affairs of the Chinese Embassy in the Kingdom of Cambodia, deputy state secretary of the Ministry of Health of Cambodia Kruy Leangsim, vice president of Hunan Children's Hospital professor Wang Hua and members of the expert group, president of Cambodia National Pediatric Hospital Nhip Angkeabos, hospital management staff and clinical medical representatives attended the launching ceremony.

Counselor Zhong Jie said at the ceremony that this year iswasthe "Year of Friendship between China and Cambodia", and China-Cambodia medical and health cooperation had blossomed in many areas and achieved fruitful results, demonstrating the profound friendship between the Chinese and Cambodiantwopeoples. In 2016, Hunan Provincial Children's Hospital, commissioned bythe National Health Commission of China,undertook the first maternal and child health projectinof the National Health Commission of China and entered Cambodia, andwhichbeganstarted its exchanges and cooperation with the National Pediatric Hospital of Cambodia.

"Over the past seven years, bilateralthe areas of cooperation between the two parties havescontinued to expand, andin particular, the friendship between theesetwo medical institutions has continued to sublimate through mutual learning and common development, becoming an epitome of China-Cambodia friendship," she added.

She hopesdthat China and Cambodia will forsincere China-Cambodiacooperateion to sincerely so that the project will benefit more sickCambodian childrenin Cambodia, so that they can get rid of the disease as soon as possible andso that they couldstart a new chapter of a better andbrighter more brilliant life.

Kruy Leangsim, deputy state secretary of the Ministry of Health ofinCambodia,affirmed said that the Cambodian government’sunwavering commitment has always been committed to promotingethe healthy development of children. With the help of China's Hunan Provincial Children's Hospital, the construction of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit of Cambodia's National Pediatric Hospital has been greatly improved.As a result, professionals have refined their skills and acquired new knowledge., and the concepts and skills of professionals have also been improved.

She added, "Tthis project will significantly enhancebe an unprecedented new round ofthedevelopment forofthe National Pediatric Hospital of Cambodia, leadingwhich will be beneficial to the advancementdevelopment of pediatrics and reducedecrease in infant and neonatal mortality. The initiative alignsIt is in line with the Ministry of Healththe'svision of the Ministry of Health and is a priority of theNew Kingdom Governmentagenda.".

She looked forward to the two hospitals developing more collaborativecooperation projects in the future, cultivating more talents, and benefiting the majority of children and families in Cambodia.

In the 14-dayproject, Tthe expert team will carry out a 14-day rebirth training,organizedpediatric medical training, professional guidance, tele-medicine, eye surgery, free clinic consultation and other series of medical activities at the National Pediatric Hospital of Cambodia.

It is reported that sSince the launch of the "Maternal and Child Health Project" in 2016, Hunan Provincial Children's Hospital and the Cambodian National Pediatric Hospitalof Cambodia have maintained close contactrelationsand carried out technical exchanges and cooperation.

The seven-year collaborationcooperation has strengthened the enduringdeepened the deep friendship between the two hospitals and witnessed the development of the Cambodian National Pediatric Hospital,. All parties have made great progress, especially in the the improvement of newborn treatment capabilities, and the newborn screening of newborns for rare diseases has opened a new chapter.

Hunan Provincial Children's Hospital fully leverages its platform advantage as the country's only pediatric foreignChina-aid unit and launches a five-year (2019-2024) counterpart hospital cooperation project with the Cambodian National Pediatric Hospital, which includesto help the Cambodian National Pediatric Hospital establish buildinga standardized neonatal intensive care uniICUt, improving theethe construction of hardware facilities and cultivate professionaltalentsteam capabilities, enhance as well as the diagnosis and treatment capabilities of neonatal specialists.

According to Wang Hua, deputyvicedirectorpresidentof the Hunan Provincial Children's Hospital, thethough the project was hitinfluencedby the COVID19 pandemic right after its establishment in 2019, which limited and the mutual visits and exchanges were forced to press the pause button,.

However, both hospitals have maintained good online training and exchanges.TheyWehostedthe Cambodian Neonatal Specialty Ability Training Week every yearwith selected professional teachersbased on, the courses are according to the needs of Cambodian hospitalside, with selected professional teachers, and conductingedan effective training and evaluations. A total of 43 medical staff completed the first batch of trainings, with total training time reaching period lasts for 30 days in total.

In addition, theywehave co-organized seminars on anti-international anti-epidemicmeasuresseminars and pediatric experience seminars, recorded a series of quality courses, and compiled guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of childhood diseases.

This time, experts from the Hunan Provincial Children's Hospital will donateda batch of professional medical equipment such as baby incubators, blue light therapy machines, ventilators, blood gas analyzers, and precision ophthalmic instruments to the National Pediatric Hospital of Cambodia.

AfterFollowingthe launching ceremony, two remote consultations were carried out, one wasbeinga discussion of treatment plans for severe neonatal cases in NICU, and the other wasbeinga discussion on ophthalmology related to neonatal retinopathy.

Professor Xiao Zhenghui, president Experts of Hunan Provincial Children's Hospital,led by the President Professor Xiao Zhenghui,experts to provide detailed guidance online.

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