Aspiration from President

Make our dream come true

Every summer and fall, a group of medical workers from countries all over the world are busy working in hospital wards. Listening to Hunan stories, they share their experience in treatment. The general medical programs differ in that the lecturers are noted health experts from Hunan and the lecture attendees are officials and medical workers of different skin tones from all corners of the world.

These heartwarming scenes have lasted for adecade. Launching 30 foreign aid training courses in the past decade, ourHospital have injected new blood into China’s international cooperation andexchange efforts. Over 100 reputed professors have spared no effort inimproving the systematic management, diagnosis, and treatment level ofpediatrics in 60 developing countries. Nearly 1,000 medical workers have servedas messengers to enhance friendly communication and understanding between Chinaand recipient countries while committing to the realization of the UnitedNations’ Millennium Development Goals. As a result, Hunan pediatrictechnologies have been promoted globally, and foreign aid training in hospitalsis a rising star nationwide. Demonstrating the charm of Hunan throughinternational exchanges, we have grown into a unique Hunan Pediatrics Force inthe history of pediatric medical foreign aid training in China.

Learn extensively and rise from accumulated strength. With today’s westward advance of the “One Belt, One Road” development strategy, we are given a new mission in foreign aid training. By innovating training models and building an upscale medical expert team with an international vision, Hunan Children’s Hospital is now actively engaged in the global health cooperation, and is dedicated to reducing global mortality rate of infants and children. Meanwhile, it is exporting and sharing appropriate pediatric technologies and management experience with an open mind. In the spirit of inclusiveness, the Hospital is embracing medical elites aspiring to service children’s health from all over the world, and working to weave a net of happiness and health for children worldwide.

Our dream will come true as long as we stick to it.

                                                                                                                                              Hunan Children’s Hospital
                                                                                                                                              President: Tan Lihong
                                                                                                                                              Party Secretary: Yao Xu