General Emergency Ⅱ (Observation and Infusion)

29th ward, 2F-3F of Emergency Building
Telphone:Ward: 0731-85356155 Observation: 0731-85356152


General Emergency Ⅱ (Observation and Infusion) Profile

Ward name

Located on 2F and 3F of the Emergency Building, the 29th ward consists of ward rooms and observation & transfusion unit, providing 47 ordinary beds and 200 transfusion booths.


Technical strength

The Department provides quality, efficient and safe diagnosis and treatment services for children patients from 28 days to 18 years old with non-infectious diseases. Its services cover the following major diseases: respiratory diseases such as bronchitis, pneumonia and mycoplasma infection; digestive tract diseases such as acute gastroenteritis; multi-organ dysfunction; Kawasaki disease; sepsis; and fever illnesses. The Department has developed its own featured diagnosis and treatment for the aforementioned diseases.


Academic overview

The observation & transfusion unit of Hunan children’s hospital was founded in 2010 and is located on 2F and 3F of the emergency treatment building. In recent years, the unit witnessed rapid development and its daily volume of transfusion business has reached 900 person times. To meeting the needs of modern medical treatment, the hospital decided to open a daytime ward----2nd Department of General Emergency Services on 3F of the emergency treatment building in June 2014. Current, 2F of the emergency treatment building is dedicated to observation & transfusion, and its 3F to hospitalization, which has become the feature of the Department.


Strong team

Built with a purpose to achieve “high starting point, high standards, high level”, the 2nd Department of General Emergency Services serves patients with lofty medical ethics, superb medical skills and great enthusiasm. The Department has 55 medical workers, of whom all the 10 doctors hold master's degrees. Of the 45 nurses, 38 graduated from university, and 3 had over 1 year of work and study experiences in Europe, America, Singapore and Taiwan. There are 1 deputy chief nurse, 25 nurse practitioners, and 1 respiratory therapist. Zeng Xiaohui, as the academic leader of the Department and a chief physician, is an editorial board member of the Journal of Chinese Modern Pediatrics, and held the position of director for fever outpatient clinic, special care ward, emergency general department, emergency department, and 2nd Department of General Emergency Services successively. Engaged in clinical treatment, research and teaching for more than 2 decades, Zeng Xiaohui has extensive clinical experience in the diagnosis and treatment of various common and frequently-occurring pediatric diseases; critical pediatric emergencies; and difficult miscellaneous pediatric diseases.


Leading technical strength

The observation & transfusion unit is currently the biggest emergency transfusion center in Hunan province and can accommodate 200 children patients for transfusion at the same time. The standard nebulization room set up in February 2013 is the biggest nebulization center in Hunan province and can provide nebulization services for 50 children patients at a time. As a vital part of the country’s emergency service system of key specialty, the observation & transfusion unit has played an important role in responding to sudden events. On September 8, 2011, the Department participated actively in a mission to rescue students after a mass poisoning event occurred in a primary school. After treatment by medical workers, over 200 students were saved without showing complications.


The daytime ward—2nd Department of General Emergency Services was founded in June 2014, and specializes in the treatment of severe pneumonia, sepsis, organ dysfunction syndromes, persisting fever and acute poisoning.


Sophisticated facilities

The Department has 200 booth-style transfusion beds suitable for children, 30 compression pump nebulizers in the standard nebulization room, 3 vibration sputum elimination apparatuses, 10 ECG monitors, and 48 microcomputer infusion pumps.


Strong research capability

Over the past 2 years, the Department has initiated three new techniques and new business. It is the first medical unit in China to standardize management of nebulization of asthma children, analyze the application of reservation for transfusion to pediatric outpatients requiring transfusion, and application of family-type indwelling needle to pediatric outpatients and emergency pediatric patients. The Department has published over 30 papers on major medical journals; participated multiple major domestic and international conferences; and presented papers at the conferences.


Record of goodwill

On May 31, 2014, which was the World No-Tobacco Day, the Department organized a “parent-child art exhibition” for children patients in the ward. The participating children and medical unit received awards from the hospital.