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The First “Maternal and Children’s Healthcare Project of China”in Sierra Leone

On the 6pm 16th December, 130 medical workers andofficials from Sierra Leone getting together in Bintumani Hotel, Freetown,Capital of Sierra Leone participating in the Launching Ceremony of “Maternaland Children’s Healthcare Project of China”. The ceremony was hosted by Mr.ShareYoungFun, Seretary from Economic &Commercial Counselor’s Office Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Sierra Leone, Dr Abu Bakarr Fofanah,Minister of Health and Sanitation of Sierra Leone , Mr. Peng WU ,Chinese Ambassador of People’s Republic of China, Mr. Xiaokai SHEN Counselor of Economic &Commercial Counselor’s Office Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Sierra Leone and Madam XU Yao President of HunanChildren’s Hospital and etc. attended the ceremony and delivered speech. 

First of all, on behalf of the project team , Madam XU Yao president of Hunan Children’s Hospital of China expressed the sincere appreciation andgratitude to the Ministry of Health and Sanitation of Sierra Leone, Embassy of China in the Republic of Sierra Leone, Economic &Commercial Counselor’sOffice Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Sierra Leone, and introduced the entire project. She narrated that “Maternal and Children’sHealthcare Project of China is sponsored by the State Health and FamilyPlanning Commission of China, implemented by the Health and Family PlanningCommission of Hunan Province and Hunan Children’s Hospital, Pediatric Appropriate Technology for Sierra Leone is the first “Maternal and Children’s Healthcare Project” proceeded in Africa. During the period staying in SierraLeone, we will provide pediatric appropriate technology training for 100 localmedical workers, and free consultation for more than 100 children in Sierra Leone, establish a standardized pediatric ward in China-Sierra Leone FriendshipHospital. 

As the onlypediatric medical aid training hospital, Hunan Children’s Hospital has been committed to global health cooperation for ten years. They have held 37 training courses in the field of hospital management and medical techniquesunder the support from the Ministry of Commerce of Peoples’ Republic of China,there are 1129 medical workers from more than 60 developing countries accumulated abundant experience of medical foreign aid. With the strongguidance and support from the Ministry ofHealth and Sanitation of Sierra Leone, Embassy of China in the Republic ofSierra Leone, majority of medical workers in Sierra Leone are keen to attendthis project. This is a precious opportunity to strengthen our understandingand friendship between both countries, and benefit Sierra Leone people. 

Mr. Peng WU, ambassador of China in the Republic of Sierra Leonesaid that, in 2015, President Xi Jinping of the People’s Republic of China atthe Series Summit of UN promised to support developing countries in 100maternal and children health care project and construction of 100 hospitals andclinics the next 5 years. After the President Koroma successful visit to China,the relationship between China and Sierra Leone has escalated into overallstrategic partnership. We will take this chance to broaden and deepen themutual benefit cooperation, improve the wellbeing for both peoples.Collaboration of public health is an important arena in the series contractsigned for both presidents, accomplishment of “Maternal and Children’Healthcare Project of China” is the common awareness for both countries toenhance the pubic health cooperation, further booster mutual friendship.Ambassador highlight that Chinese government will spare no effort to supportthis project, it will make positive contribution to improve the medicalsituation in Sierra Leone, reinforce the mutual friendship.

Dr Abu Bakarr Fofanah ,Minister of Health and Sanitation o f Sierra Leone delivered inspiring speech. He pointed out thatwe are best friends for both countries, seen the time-honored medicalcooperation, and plentiful achievement. We want to convey our gratitude toChina for your selfless assistance and welcome to Sierra Leone, it’s our greathonor to offer help ensuring the successful completion of this project. Sincenow, there are 104 medical workers from Sierra Leone has been trained in HunanChildren’s Hospital of China, their pediatric knowledge and techniques were improved dramatically and plays an important role in the daily work after backfrom China. We would like to seize this training opportunity, to learn, topractice, to elevate the resuscitation ratio for pediatric common disease, to decrease children mortality rate.

In the launching ceremony, Chinese government donated certain amountof medial equipment and suppliers to Sierra Leone Hospital that alleviate intense medical resources more or less. The Memorandum of  Developing CountriesFederation of Pediatric has been signed between Hunan Children’s Hospital andChina-Sierra Leone Friendship Hospital, Ola Juring Hospital. Developing CountryFederation of  Pediatrics centered on Hunan Children's Hospital, through the"Maternal and Children Healthcare Project of China", International Medical Forum and Training Courses for Medical Foreign Aid. The goal offederation is mainly on imparting new pediatric technology and concept;organize professional seminar involving common pediatric medical problems andissues in developing countries that provide a good platform to share successfulexperience and results,  identify  research direction for the future; join concerted effort to tackle medical difficulties and facing  challenges and. It will lay sustainablefoundation for promoting the development of pediatric medicine in developingcountries.


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